Events of World War II

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World War2, many events took place in history. In World War2,these events had most been written about the holocaust, ration books, Green Police, and the famous concentration and death camp of that time. In 1939, people started and needed to use ration books. German submarines attacked British and American ships, so many supplies had to be cut short. During this time, the Nazi created an organization of soldiers called “Gestapo” or “Green Police”. Later on, in 1945, Auschwitz was created and became famous for the deaths of thousands of people. While World War2 was going on, many events changed the lives of many people. Some of the events connected to the play “The Diary of Anne Frank” and characters. Ration books were books that showed the persons sex, age, weight, and height. Each ration books also shown how much the person gets of goods per family. “On National Registration Day on September 29, 1939, every house holder had to fill in a form giving details of the people who lived in their house.” (Introduction to rationing in Britain during World War 2, Borrow) National Registration Day was important for the householders. The form was to see how many people get to have how much supplies month per ration book. This national day was important for many and it was to inform no illegal ration books were sold. “Its illegal then, ration Books? We’ve never done anything illegal.” (Goodrich, Francis and Albert Hackett. “The diary of Anne Frank” Prentice Hall Literature: Silver

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