Evenwel Vs. Abbott Case Analysis

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Evenwel versus Abbott court case was held on April 4, 2016, the U.S. Supreme Court was challenged by the registered Texas voters, due to the reason that they think each district should have equal number of population. However the legislature suggested that eligible voters should be used. In other words, each district should have equal number of eligible voters. As a result, the justices have permitted the legislative districts by dominating total population instead of voting population. The Evenwel versus Abbott case is about Texas voters are complaining that their value of votes is being cut out because there are many people who are considered as non-citizens in the state. The Texas voters’ vote counted as half the value of voters…show more content…
The state should use citizen voting age population, so there will be less differential in the voters between different districts. For a long period of time, the Supreme Court doesn’t accept the redistricting claims of political question: is the Constitution guarantees that each day job a republican form of government for a long time. It was all left for the Congress and the states to fix the puzzle. However, Baker v. Carr (1962), the Court decided to hear the claims under the equal protection clause and noticed that one-person, one-vote can arise the equal protection clause of the constitution (Oyez, 1). This comes to a conclusion that the Supreme Court should develop some political philosophy, which enforce all states to follow it. However, it turns out that the supreme court has muddled through the definition of one person, one-vote and how state legislators should be working on at this…show more content…
For example, most of the justices support to protect the minority voters (especially African Americans) after the Civil rights reforms, and also they lowered the voting age from twenty one to eighteen, other than restrictions on felons, the entire adult population is legal to vote. Another case would be Shelby County, where majority of justices agree to protect the minority voter’s rights. Furthermore, the legal model is also best fit in this case because based on the justices’ statement, they refer to the laws as their evidence to support total population. In addition, the Evenwel v. Barrott court case, the liberal justices all favored using population vote in Texas, whereas only two justices were against it. This court case was left behind without an answer, but the Supreme Court will uphold until here is there is a similar court case appears. Also, based on the evidence in the Evewel’s v. Barrott, the societal and legal model are most convincing to explain how the justices made the decision in this
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