Ever Since The Beginning Of The Internet, Technology Has

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Ever since the beginning of the Internet, technology has presented itself as a valuable tool for enhancing collaborative efforts among organizations. In fact, the origins of the Internet came from the need to collaborate between research and development institutions and the military (Sutton, 2004). However, as the Internet continues to evolve, recent hardware and software innovations enable collaboration at an unprecedented level. This paper will explore an example solution that can resolve some of the current collaboration challenges for a U.S. Army organization, a cost-to-benefit analysis of implementing the technology, and some of the concerns that the organization must address before and after fielding the tool.
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As the meeting progresses, each user edits or inserts information into that document in real-time based on conversations throughout the meetings. To further augment and support MS OneNote, the brigade can leverage the Defense Collaboration Services (DCS) platform. DCS is a web-based tool that users can use to conduct presentations, share files, and conduct white-boarding sessions from users at any location (Pellerin, 2015). In short, DCS enables collaboration at an enterprise level by simply entering a website address into a web browser. What meeting attendees discuss, share, or develop during a DCS session goes into OneNote.
Sustainment and Costs to Benefit Analysis
MS OneNote serves as a great solution for the immediate problems of the brigade’s staff collaborating locally at Fort Eustis. Yet, combined with DCS, both tools address the long-term, strategic problem with the 93rd Signal Brigade’s 38 geographically separated network enterprise centers. DCS extends and augments the capabilities over a much wider audience. Since the Army already possesses the necessary licenses, the initiative does not require funding for implementation. Also, each workstation on the Army’s network already has OneNote installed or and users have open access to the Defense Collaboration Services.

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