Ever Wonder How Each Citizen Knows Who To Vote For President

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Ever wonder how each citizen knows who to vote for president in each election? Each candidate has a set of values and specific agendas that they want to bring to the country. These candidates are backed by a party. Depending on which candidate wins, the backing party gets the advantage of taking control of the government. Politics today in the United States, is governed by a two-party system. A two-party system is, “a political system in which only two parties have a realistic opportunity to compete effectively for control” (345). While there are other parties such as the Libertarian party and the Green party, the two important parties are the Republican party and the Democratic party. These two parties are the beginning parties that…show more content…
Getting people to vote has come down to science and creativity. The science aspect is that parties have a database of already listed and potential voters. This computer program combines characteristics, in order to pinpoint likely future party voters. Next comes the creativity step. By mobilizing individuals and volunteers from the party’s campaign, the individuals go around and distribute fliers, buttons, and bumper stickers. The more these people get the name of the candidate out to the public, the higher the chance citizens will vote for them (349). Another role that parties play in the political process is through the National Convention. The National Convention is, “a national institution that nominates the party’s presidential and vice-presidential candidates, establishes party rules, and writes and ratifies the party’s platform” (350). Every four years, selected men and women delegates from each state converge to nominate a single person from a party’s list of candidates. They choose specific people from the parties to run, as well as choosing the running mate, the vice-presidential candidate. Once this task has been completed, the delegates then discuss and create the party’s platform. This platform is a document that holds all the candidates’ views and positions on political issues. After the election, one candidate backed by a specific party has won. This party now has the
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