Ever since I was a child, I have been drawn to help others less fortunate than myself. Through my

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Ever since I was a child, I have been drawn to help others less fortunate than myself. Through my years of volunteer and educational experiences, I have discovered a passion for helping children and families. These experiences cemented my resolve to help children thrive in a safe, caring, and nurturing environment. They are the most vulnerable population of people whose rights are often infringed upon due to their inability to speak up for themselves. Becoming a social worker will put me in a position to speak up and advocate for these at-risk children and ensure that they have the resources and help they deserve. This degree will allow me to continue my pursuit of social justice by helping me offer guidance and direction in people’s lives…show more content…
I worked as a teacher’s assistant for Intro to Psychology and Developmental Psychology, a Research Assistant for Neuropsychology, and a Peer Learning Assistant for Spanish. These three jobs taught me the valuable skill of organization because I had to schedule students to run their experiments, tutor students, and hold exam reviews. This skill will be very beneficial to me due to the fact that social workers have very busy schedules and are actively working on several caseloads at once. In addition, they must make time to travel to houses for home visitations, hospitals, schools, prisons, and courts. I will utilize my time management skills by delivering treatment plans in a timely fashion, especially if the cases require immediate attention.
Lastly, my genuine love of learning and curiosity about the world will be a great strength in completing Denver University’s MSW program. Specifically, my studies in the areas of humanities and social sciences at Gettysburg College strengthened my interest in people and their behavior. I took many elective courses in Sociology and Psychology because of my desire to learn about people and curiosity about the world. I am thrilled to be considered for graduate school where I will be able to continue my education and thirst for knowledge. I am especially excited by the prospect of concentrating on my passion of helping people. Although I excelled in all my courses, classes that I was especially interested in always
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