Everest Simulation Reflection Essays

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MGMT1001 Everest Simulation Report Managing People and Organisations Executive Summary: This report discusses the Everest simulation in relation to important management concepts. Particularly the report explores the role of leadership, communication and team work in task success, where success is defined in terms of task accomplishment, team member satisfaction and dispute resolution. Moreover, the requirement to eliminate communication barriers through changing mediums, cohesive and coherent team work and democratic leadership styles is explored throughout the report. Table of Contents Introduction 4 Leadership 5 Groups and Teams 7 Communication 9 Conclusion 11 Appendix…show more content…
If a consensus was not reached between group members, I would then speak personally to the group member who was in disagreement and explain the decision. This sort of conflict often arose when individual goals, set by the Everest task, conflicted with each other. For example, the photographer’s goal was to rest at Base 1 and 2; however my goal was for the team to rest together at camp 4. Often I voted for other members individual goals to be met rather than my own, when they were of equal worth, in order to avoid conflict. As a result, my individual success was 75%, lower than the team’s success average of 85%. Furthermore, research suggests that conflict in the decision making process promotes creativity amongst group members (Nemeth 1986), higher levels of commitment and satisfaction from group members (Peterson 1999), and group members become more knowledgeable about the interests of their co workers (Peterson 2007). In comparison to the first simulation, this result was evident in the second attempt. On the other hand, the decision making process was time consuming. Luckily, there were no time constraints, however, towards the end of the task, group members including myself, became tiresome and overworked. Eventually, I began to lose control of my group and those with the most useful information provided to them during the simulation began to
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