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| Mt. Everest Simulation Reflection Paper | Assignment 1 | | | | Individual reflection on the Mt. Everest Simulation exercise carried out on 5th October and the subsequent debriefing on 12th October | The Everest simulation was a unique experience. Before the actual simulation started, my team discussed the approach we would take and how we will deal with situations wherein the personal goals collided with the team goals. We shared our character profile information with each other and began the exercise with excitement and a firm resolve to do our best. The team finished achieving 41% of its goals. Two of our members had to be rescued and we didn’t manage to attain any of the weather, oxygen or medical challenges. We…show more content…
Once the exercise was over and as the individual points were displayed a lot of things became clearer. Having experienced the system and then debriefing later on, helped in filling a lot of gaps in information that seemed to exist during the simulation. With a better understanding of ‘the rules of the game’ and some of the strategies that did work, it is difficult to introspect now without a bias. As the saying goes – “Hindsight is wonderful. It's always very easy to second guess after the fact. “– Helen Reddy There are certain things though that we would have done differently even without any of the additional information we gathered later on. First of all we would have used the system very carefully. Often we don’t get a second chance to rectify things and therefore we need to exercise due caution at every step we take. We also would have examined each piece of information diligently. There seemed to be a lot of loose ends and therefore it was more important to be cautious and utilize any given information. On a strategy front, we tried to factor in the weather and health conditions at each stage. However we tried to take a broader view of the picture. So when the weather information was not available, we tried to draw a trend from the previous recordings. We decided to move to the next camp based on those trends. In the case where the environmentalist was in a

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