Everett Massacre Research Paper

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Julissa Knapinski
CBA- Everett Massacre
February, 2016
What Caused the Everett Massacre? Did you know, the bloodiest labor confrontation (The Everett Massacre) occurred in Washington state, on November 5th, 1916? Well, it’s true! That Sunday, a group called the Wobblies went on ships from Seattle, Washington to Everett, Washington. The biggest causes of the Everett Massacre are assumptions, fear, and most importantly, dissatisfaction. First off, assumptions was a big contributor to the occurrence of the Everett Massacre, since police assumed that the Wobblies needed to be stopped. The first quote that supports assumptions as a cause is, “On November 5th, word reached Everett that a group of armed anarchists was coming to burn their town.”
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Dissatisfaction is the biggest cause because it’s the domino that toppled everything into action. Nuns are known for telling the truth, so they are pretty reliable. A nun who witnessed the tragic event tells us, “Everett’s shingle workers had been on strike over pay.” ("Recalling Everett's 'complicated' Day - HeraldNet.com." The Daily Herald. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Jan. 2016.) This quote lets you know that the workers had been on strike. This dissatisfaction led to Wobblies going to Everett to speak out against the issue. Their intentions were assumed, which led cops to go try to defend themselves (fear), and many people ended up losing their lives. You also know it is a labor confrontation based on the quote, “The Everett Massacre of Sunday, November 5, 1916, has been called the bloodiest labor confrontation in Northwest history.” ("Everett Massacre (1916)." HistoryLink.org- the Free Online Encyclopedia of Washington State History. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Jan. 2016.) These quotes both tell you that the strikers were upset about their pay. Dissatisfaction is by far the most important cause of the Everett Massacre because it is the one that started the chain of events. In conclusion, the 3 main causes of the Everett Massacre were assumptions, fear, and most important- dissatisfaction. Basically, if the workers had a pay they were satisfied, all of the tragedy with the Wobblies and police wouldn’t have happened. An important thing you can learn from the Everett Massacre is that if your workers go on strike, work it out peacefully while you can, and if workers near you go on strike, stay as far away from the drama as you

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