Everglades Research Paper

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The Everglades Rachel Thompson BIO 100 January 11, 2011 Connie Cassidy The Florida Everglades is the state’s most highly visited park in the state. The Everglades is also home to thousands of animals, reptiles, and plants. Many tourist travels just to get a glimpse of the many exotic reptiles. Although, the Everglades is very beautiful it’s also one of the most endangered parks in the state. The park is endangered from humans and land developments. The state has laws imposed to protect the everglades. In order for people to save and protect the Everglades there are things we have to do on part. Throughout this essay I will go into depth about the different species, human threats, and what we can do to protect one of our…show more content…
Many birds would flock to the Everglades during the winter to escape harsh winters from up north. The Everglades skies aren’t filled with as many birds anymore due to numerous reasons. One of the saddest reasons that many animals and reptiles are losing their homes is because of humans and land development. The beautiful of the Everglades is simply breathing all the creatures and different plant life is a joyous site to witness. The beauty of the Everglades that past generations has witness isn’t the same that the current generations witness. As the years progress we continue to do more harm to our beloved Everglades. We continue to push our animals to relocate and find new homes because we take away their land for our own personal developments. The population continues to increase and that calls for newer and better developments, more and more of the Everglades is being taking away from plants and animals. This land that is being taken away from the plant and animal species is being turned into communities, shopping plazas, and other new buildings. The Everglades once rumored to be 22,000 square feet has over time become no more than 11,000 square feet. This major drop over years and years is a result of land development. The continuation of taking land away from our animal and plant life in the Everglades can result in horrible consequences. Animals will eventually be forced to find homes somewhere else and we will lose valued plant
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