Every Child Across America Encounters Some Form Of Education

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Every child across America encounters some form of education and it is a major priority in society today. In order to receive a desired education, one attends an institution where skills and knowledge are gained to use and progress in future goals. Something parents might not realize, when deciding where a child should start the first day of kindergarten, is the options involved with attending a public or private school. Beneficial effects are received when an individual is sent to a proper learning environment. A decent education allows religious view and ideas to be instilled, an increased likelihood of moving onto college or entering the workforce, and the ability for a student to obtain useful skills and values, which are three things…show more content…
Religion can help students cope with problems going on in one 's life. Researchers Oman and Thorensen states how, “Various aspects of religion are strongly related to physical and psychological well-being in everyday life in general, and in the context of coping with adversity in particular.” Devout people have fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as a better ability to cope with stress. Certain religious practices may even change the brain in a way that boosts mental health. Some religions also advocate that members stay away from high-risk health behaviors, such as smoking, drinking alcohol or overindulging in food. Steering away from these unhealthy behaviors could also be beneficial for brain function in the classroom. Having religion instilled in someone can provide physical and emotional support that is able to assist anyone in most situations. Private religious schools leave a mark on a person that is carried throughout one’s life. The higher percentages of students gaining success out of high school in private school environments is one of the major reasons to attend private school over a public education. The whole point of sending a child through school is to educate them, and to reach goals of either college or jobs when walking out of high school. Snyder describes, “It is important that first-generation students peruse and earn a college degree

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