Every Day Is A Gift

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Every Day is a Gift “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others” - Cicero. How might one respond to this? If someone were to ask you what you were thankful for, what would your answer be? If there one specific thing that comes to mind, or are there a number of things? Many people fail to realize there is so much to be thankful for. Everyone may have something different to be thankful for and this could vary from place to place. When one thinks about what someone in a first world country has in common with a first world country there isn’t much that comes to mind. One would assume the individual living in the first world country would have much more to be thankful for than the individual living in the third…show more content…
For instance, women in most third world country are looked down upon and belittled. While here in America men and women are supposed to be created as equals. Also in America, the citizens are free to practice any religion that they wish; some of the religions in other countries require women to wear headdresses and keep themselves covered from the public eye. Women are to worship their husband and are held to the highest standards. As written in an excerpt by Elizabeth W. and Robert A. Fernea entitled A Look Behind the Veil, it states, “Many women have told us that they felt self-conscious, vulnerable, and even naked when they first walked on a public street without the veil and abaya--as if they were making a display of themselves” (page 168-169). While most people would be ashamed or embarrassed to do such a thing, these women have learned to accept it, embrace it, and defend it. They are so whole-heartedly committed to their religion and way of life that they have learned to live with it and do what is expected. They may have all the reason to be miserable, yet remains a sense of gratitude. Better yet, Americans have a sufficient amount of resources to live comfortably and remain up-to-date with all of the constantly improving technology; however, in other countries it is the complete opposite. While most third world countries lack the resources they need to live in well-sustained homes, the majority of

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