Every Day You Wake Up And Immediately Begin A Routine Preparing

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Every day you wake up and immediately begin a routine preparing yourself for the million and one things you do. When you are not looking toward the future, have you ever taken a step back and realized why do you do the things you do? For instance, in our routines, we choose to get ready and represent the best version of ourselves. Who are we trying to impress? The current generation is obsessed with impressing others and “showing off” their better lives with social media and in school/work settings. The first word that came to me as I thought about this was makeup. For the majority of people across the US, makeup is an essential part of a routine. I decided to conduct research on the makeup subculture in the US. I am going to put myself…show more content…
Is it gotten me some freelancing opportunities? I 've even been told to quit my job and pursue a career out of it. I loved that people would tell me that because not only was I getting joy out of doing my makeup every day I was getting complimented for it too, instantly boosting my confidence. I found the field work to be very successful. The second approach I used was putting myself into a part of the makeup subculture. Not too long ago I attended an event called Beautycon in Los Angeles California. Prior to this research I never once thought that I would ever attend an event like this. It was fascinating to see the differences in cultures. thought It was a bit awkward for me in this setting because I was inexperienced with makeup and here I was surrounded by talented beauty icons and hundreds of them trying to sell me their products. I took s notice to all the people around and discovered that this place brings happiness and connections to people from all across the United states. I also got an opportunity to hear women speak about how makeup was a passion of hers and she is here today pursuing her dreams of becoming a makeup artist. Out of all my research, I found this to be the most interesting finding. Learning that no matter what you do it is about pursuing something that you enjoy and love to do. The first theme I found while doing my research was economics. What I

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