Every Little Hurricane By Sherman Alexie

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“Every Little Hurricane”: A Historical Analysis The short story “Every Little Hurricane,” by Sherman Alexie, addresses how the poor quality of life on an Indian Reservation takes its toll on the people living there and how the mistreatment of these people over the decades has led to lots internal conflicts among the Indian people. After reading the story it is clear that the issues which have caused the violent outbursts among the Indian people within the story can be traced back from the white first settlers all the way up to modern day mistreatments. These are the issues subtly touched upon within this story by Alexie through the use of the innocent eyes point of view in order to evoke sympathy from the readers without delving to deep into the history behind certain remarks made by the main character, Victor. A story told through the eyes of a frightened child captures the attention of an audience much more than a first person account from an adult. The history between the whites and the Indians is a story all people know to a certain degree. Many parts, however, are skimmed over, exaggerated to glorify one side, or simply not mentioned at all. The “cliff notes” version is the settlers arrived “an estimated 80-90% of the Indian population completely wiped out by disease, wars, and fights over lands, etc” (American Indian Genocide). The fact that these diverse people were here first with their own cultures, languages, and religions is a fact that is easily overlooked
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