Every Man And Woman Strive To Achieve Successes, It’S What

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Every man and woman strive to achieve successes, it’s what our parents teaches us at birth, but what a lot of people don’t realize, success comes with a lot of failures. I’m not going to lie, I thought life would be easy. I graduate from high school, never got in trouble, and was a promising basketball star. During high school, things were handed to me, and I never really thought about my future. When the time came for the real world, I didn’t know what the struggle and grind of life was, and growing up in the urban part of the bay area, which life a bit harder. My life was changing and I didn’t have a direction, and I kept sinking lower, until I couldn’t sink no more. With some major set in my, I set out to make change for not just me …show more content…

Where was the child labor laws? She would say were doing this for the community and I was ok with that. As the 2000’s approach, my grandmother was slowing down, so my mother and aunties pick it up. My grandmother decided to take her work down to Houston to help people in the south. When she moved, it was blow to our family, so we all just stop and went our own ways. I wonder if she never left, would our family still be helping the community out? The year 2003 came, I was a senior in high school, and my life was great. I was the top player in high school, my grades were good, and my mom was proud of me. While life was good, it never crosses my mind, what am I going to do after high school? Let’s be honest, jocks only care about sports, girls, and what college there going to. I had the University of California Berkeley and Fresno State wanting to give me full rides to come to their schools. I felt like the world was mine, and nothing can wrong. Two weeks in to the basketball season I tore my Ligaments. Ligaments tears are the worst because they never really heal, and my recover time was set for a year and a half. I couldn’t take the injurie, because I would lose my scholarships. My life that was once promising, felt like it crashed and burned. After graduation came, with no basketball, and no scholarship, I turn to the one thing my mother hated the most, the streets. My mother

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