Every Piece Of Work Has Various Elements Of Art Within

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Every piece of work has various elements of art within them, making them complete. Elements of a piece govern and manipulate the tone and overall message being conveyed. In Nunavut, Canada, Janelle Budgell designed an anti-drinking campaign that was released in 2014 to raise awareness of International FASD Awareness Day (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder). The campaign consisted of a silhouette of a pregnant woman consuming alcohol with a distress fetus. Budgell purposely integrated various elements into the campaign to capture viewers’ attention such as the red background with contrasting white and black text. Even though there was not a lot of text, the audience can affiliate the elements with the intended denotation and analyze the…show more content…
The main message was clear, concise, and complete; “Pregnant women should never drink alcohol.” The ad consists of a silhouette of a pregnant woman and an unborn child. In the campaign, the pregnant woman is seen consuming an alcoholic beverage that goes directly to the child. The consumption of alcohol has been generically known to be a risk factor for the health of the child and the mother. Prenatal exposure to alcohol has been known to affect the physical and mental development of the unborn child. Physical and mental effects such as, but not limited to birth defects, growth problems, learning and behavior problems, and sometimes miscarriage or still born (WebMD). The underlying question is “how much alcohol is safe for consumption for those who are pregnant?” There is not a distinct amount of alcohol that pregnant women can consume that is considered “safe”. Therefore, no consumption of alcohol is highly recommended as a precaution. Alcohol is not the only contributing factor causing a negative effect on a child’s development, but rather a part of the underlying problem. At the top of the image, “Baby or the Bottle” is white letters with a black background. The contrast between white and black allowed the text to be bold and legible enough to grab the viewer’s attention. Looking closely, “Baby” has a larger font than the other words on the campaign. The usage
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