Every Time One Turns On The Television It’S Announcing

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Every time one turns on the television it’s announcing somebody’s death or a robbery, and it has reached a point that it has become the new normal for society. So, the question is why do people commit crimes? Most people commit crimes to provide for their families, or its related to gang affiliation. By looking at this one can conclude that crime will always be committed, but the reason why they were committed is the real question. This essay will examine the reason these crimes are committed.
Many adolescents try to find where they belong in the world at a young age. Often times they will find themselves surrounded by bad company. Peer pressure or gang involvement often motivate the crimes one sees. Freeman (1996) claims that men are
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She writes, “This investigation sought to discover the insights offered by young people and so provide another dimension to our understanding of why young people commit crime […]” (Skrzypiec, 2013). Skrzypiec gathered information from males ages 5-11 and 15-17. Both groups were asked the essential question on why did they think young people committed crimes. The adolescents who participated in the surveys stated that they feel people who are less educated, suffer from financial crisis or try to fulfill a status quo commit crimes. In these adolescent states,
A lot of black fellas do it ‘cause mainly, like, all the older family members have done it, and they’ve heard about it or seen it done by their friends, and they just try it and then they get the rush, I suppose . . . . Once they learn how to steal it, they just can’t stop it . . . it’s just hard to help. (Aboriginal male1, 16) (Skrzypiec, 2013).
When looking at a community such as the black community, crime plays a huge role in the lifestyle that is lived. One for instance, is the rapper Ice Cube, although he is no longer part of the rambunctious lifestyle he is known for, many young men of multiple races feel that’s the way to live. Ice Cube made the lifestyle of crime enticing, fun and cool the meaning behind his raps and the way he carried himself was centered around crime, and standing against authority. Ice Cube later came out to say that the

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