Every Woman Matters Program: Review

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Every Woman Matters Program: Review The Every Woman Matters Program was created as a tactic to fix the current suboptimal levels of cancer screening for women in Nebraska. Researchers found that even though low income level women understood the importance of these types of screening, this specific type of comprehension did very little to push women towards getting screened for these types of cancers (Backer et al., 2005). This is of course understandable: women in low income households are more likely to have a host of other stressors and anxieties regarding day to day existence and the task of making ends meet, than women in high income groups. Daily survival getting to work, taking care of one's kids and other obligations leave these women with little time for much else; while the importance of such screenings might be understood, they're often not a high priority. For example, "African-American and low-income women have lower rates of cancer screening and higher rates of late-stage disease than do their counterparts" (Park et al., 2008). This is simply a trend that many medical professionals are aware of and one which needs to be corrected and which is in part one of the reasons that the Every Woman Matters Program was created. All women should participate in cervical and breast cancer screening regardless of income. Another, comparable study has addressed that "Fear of breast cancer screening among low-income African-American women is multi-faceted, and reflects

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