Every Women Matters Program

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Every Woman Matters Program Early detection of breast and cervical cancer reduced the burden of disease in women. The practices of Screening shown reduce the level of mortality and improve quality of life. The Every Woman Matters (EWM)stared in 1992 it is a federally-funded program designed to remove barrier to early screening by providing awareness and make screening more financially accessible to woman who have limited or no health insurance. The eligible women receive pay for office visits with associated clinical breast examination, pelvic examination, Papanicolaou smear test, and lab fees (Backer et al., 2004). Age-appropriate mammography and limited number of diagnostic test is also covered under program. In this paper I will…show more content…
Every Woman Matters is a federally-funded program that works on early screening for breast and cervical cancer. Despite the barriers number of screening is significant increases in several of the practices. More strategies need to add to make the program for effective and reach under served and uninsured women.

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