Every Year, Millions Of People From All Around The World

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Every year, millions of people from all around the world immigrate to the United States in order to find better life opportunities. Many immigrants are undocumented, which means they are here illegally. The U.S government deals with illegal immigration seriously, especially since it directly influences national security and the economy. During President Barrack Obama’s presidency, he was able to improve the immigration reform drastically. He was in charge of deporting millions of illegal immigrants, while at the same time offering undocumented students the opportunity to have an education. However, border security was failing due to the lack of professional personnel. This weakness contributed to the spread of terrorism, smuggling, and…show more content…
Therefore, the wall will not aid our domestic security and will negatively influence our economy. According to the article “Trump wants a wall. Border Experts want a fence” on CNN author Scott Bronstein explains how the wall will be covering “ more than 1,080 additional miles of border with new barriers which would stretch from coast to coast, with a price tag of $21.6 billion”. Your plan is to bill the Mexican government by making them pay for the construction of the wall. However, the Mexican government cannot do such a thing since it is an American project. Therefore, building a wall will have major consequences for the American people. The construction of the wall will give Mexican companies and workers the opportunity to earn plenty of revenue. According to the article “Mexicans won’t pay to build Trump’s wall—they’ll get paid” published by the Quartz author Ana Compoy says, “Mexico’s cement behemoth, Cemex, has said it would gladly provide quotes for the mountain of cement sacks the project will require.” This means many Mexican companies are already standing in line to negotiate contracts with the U.S government to earn money in exchange for resources to build the wall. The U.S government will pay Mexico by giving them tax money from our people, which will economically deplete us. Compoy also points out that Hispanics also make up nearly 30% of the US’s construction workforce, and many of these workers, moreover, are likely in the
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