Everybody Is Born To Be A Leader, But Special Qualities

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Everybody is born to be a leader, but special qualities and training are needed to become a Christian leader. Several decades ago, researchers started trying to answer the question which has been lingering for centuries on whether Leaders are born or made; the debate goes on and on. I never thought of myself to be a Christian leader. As a matter of fact, I am the person who attended church, but fades into the sea of many faces that makes up the congregation. I was at the center of my life, and there was no room in my eyes for leadership. Even when I attended services at church, I was trying not to be exposed to others around me. In other words, I was the kind of “Christian” person who was afraid to walk into a life of faith. However, in…show more content…
I was unsure of myself at first, but I quickly became used to creating my weekly discussion posts. Compare this to a traditional in your face classroom where the discussion might be dominated by a number of students, while the rest of the class is passive. This setting allowed and provided all students with a voice and for it to be heard. Our class discussions were not constrained to a small window of time, but transpired throughout these eight weeks. This environment allowed for all to engage and actively participate in a discussion. In addition, with having a week to expand on these conversations permitted students to reflect and explore additional information, thoughtfully consider the views of their classmates, and then take the time to construct their own contribution. There were a few classmates that I connected with more than others. It wasn’t due to us having a similar way of thinking or even religion. Some of us shared similar life events, which we provided support and information in order to inspire and help each other. Then there were others that provided spiritual food, which I truly needed. There words helped me through some difficult times that I faced this semester and put into perspective my leadership role that I was being called to do. The most meaningful lesson I learned through the class was the fact that leadership is everyone’s business. I learned that leadership is not solely based on your accomplishments or the title you own, but
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