Everyday Decisions Essay

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Everyday Decisions

In this paper, I will argue that if a person is exposed to the methods and principles of logic they will benefit in their daily lives. The sooner one correctly applies these methods and principles the more efficient their mind will become. Hence, you will be better equipped to make daily decisions through reasoning (processing information). Logic is a roadmap of the mind that holds true for every human.
All those who are able to apply logic in their daily lives understand how the mind processes information. All those who pass a logic course are able to apply logic in their daily lives. Therefore, all those who pass logic course understand how the mind processes information.
Logic is a necessary to learn
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In a well-formed syllogism there are two premises and a conclusion. Modern logic covers a far greater range of possible arguments than those that can be cast into syllogistic form. This modern logic introduced new symbols like "or," "and" and "If…then…", "either…or", and "if-and-only-if"".
With the combination of Aristotelian logic and Prepositional logic one is able to understand reasoning. What is reasoning? Reasoning is the instance of the use of reason and reason is the power of comprehending, inferring, or processing information especially in organized rational ways. Therefore, when we think rationally we reason and process information. When I claim that someone passes a logic course they must have comprehended the methods and principles of logic hence displaying that they are able to process information. When one passes a series of tests in logic they demonstrate to themselves and others that they understand the structures of logic.
When one is able to reason through his or her thoughts the conclusion of their thoughts have been processed as well as their consequences. Many children spend more time figuring out right or wrong because they can't see a clear logical conclusion to their premises. As a child, I had limited reasoning ability because I was not able to
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