Everyday Life Is Shaped By One Force

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Everyday life is shaped by one force: music. Everyone listens to music every single day of their lives and, whether they realize it or not, it shapes their lives. Music affects people’s moods and interactions. People interested in different genres will also act differently because various genres have separate effects on people’s minds. Each genre has its own personality that it is generally related to, however not everyone who enjoys a specific genre is the stereotypical audience, such as a normally happy and quiet person listening to loud, angry metal music. This is because of the how unique one organ is in each and every person: the brain. Everyone’s brain works differently and reacts to any given situation in a different manner because of that. The brain takes all the information given to it by the senses, sight, tough, taste, hearing, and smell, and decides how the body needs to react to the stimuli. These reactions are sent out using the body’s nervous system, of which the brain is the center. Electrical impulses are sent through the body via small nerves called synapses. These small cells all have a receiver and a transmitter in order to get the message from the cell before it and share the message with the next cell. These cells in turn tell the cells in whatever body part they are in control of what to do or how to react to external stimuli, such as music. Music has been around since before man began recording history. The earliest forms of music included singing,
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