Everyday Life during the Elizabethan Era Essay

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Today world is so different from the Elizabethan Era even though that era has so much impact on the world today. The Elizabethan Era really show the difference between the rich and poor, and because of that many roles that was important in their life during this era is not so important today. This paper contains information about people everyday life in the Elizabethan Era. However during this era the variety of housing types that were available in this era depended upon whether you were rich or poor. Therefore the richer lived better and just were more relaxed than the poor. Huts and timber wood houses were the only option the lower class had so in that case they were cold and overcrowded. Since mainly during this time…show more content…
The sports and entertainment was varied and also helped people of the era relaxed a bit when work was over. The sport of the Elizabethan era wasn’t just for adults. Children have their own share of children games as well. They would play marbles plus Blind Man's a children's game that was played by adults as well and the Hopscotch. Many of them would have feast where they would prepare large meal for a get together. The women really didn’t have that many things to do but cook, clean and get prepared for the rest of the day and also make sure the children are doing fine. Elizabethan woman were raised to believe that they were to be inferior to men. They were expected to instantly obey not only their father but also their brothers and any other male members of the family. Yet there is something about women that still go on in today’s world and that is wedding’s but the weddings we have now are not the same as they were. Marriage in that time were a little strict, because the women really had a little choice of who they husband would be. Many couples first time meeting is on their wedding day, but for the wealthy people they would get to see a short film to give him a clue of what the bride look like. Married women had to hide themselves under a bonnet while married. Unmarried women wear basically able to wear and do whatever they wanted to do as long as law said so. Husband in the Elizabethan era had full rights over their
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