Everyday Use By Alice Walker

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The struggles a parent goes through in life when raising children who have different attitudes and different characters, can be very difficult and sometimes heart breaking. When a person decides to become a parent, often times they elect to walk a path of self-sacrifice, where reasoning in the majority of the times and reward from you love ones, are not always obtained. Sacrifices done and incredible efforts of protection and love can be forgotten easily and never appreciated. It is the journey that a person will embark in which love and self-consciousness will always judge silently. In the short story “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker a mom endures the complexity of raising to two daughters in which have a completely different character and mindset, while also battling with emotional traumas from the past and family dysfunction. There are different characters in this story the main character in this case is the narrator or protagonist which is mom a person who had to embrace life and the different emotional battles that she had to confront, specially wishing for a lovely and warm affection from her daughter Dee in which she says: “Sometimes I dream and dream in which Dee and I are in suddenly brought together on a TV program of this sort” (p.256). Maggie’s role as a sub character played well with the story because was the character which demonstrated an allowed the reader to contrast between the protagonist and sub character (Maggie) vs the antagonist in

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