Everyday Use Is A Life Lesson And A Realistic Story

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Everyday Use is a short story that is both a life lesson and a realistic story. A mother and her daughter Maggie both live in a little southern home where their lifestyle is a little outdated than the rest of the modern world, Mama also had a daughter named Dee, instead of living with her mother and sister she decided to go to college and live stylishly with the modern world. The real conflict in the story is when Dee decides to go home, and when things get out of hand, the reader figures out that Dee and Maggie have some similarities however they are far from being alike in any way. The two sisters love each other dearly but the differences between the two are what makes them who they are and while one sister does not agree and decides to run from the situation, the other realizes and respects the other because that is in her nature and she knows how her sister can be. The differences of the two sisters are shown physically, mentally, and as well as the way they feel as what is right. This short story gives a lot of real life lessons in respect and loyalty towards being a part of a family. Dee who is also known as Wangero, is the eldest daughter in this short story, in the beginning of the story Mama starts to describe Dee and how her personality is. This shows a lot about the character because the mother knows a lot about her daughter, Dee has always been the kind of girl who feels the need to live in a modern lifestyle, and keeps up to date on the newest trends. She also
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