`` Everyday Use ' Is One Of The Walker 's Most Anthologized Short Stories Essay

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Introduction ‘Everyday Use’ is one of the Walker’s most anthologized short stories. It stresses on the bond of the mother-daughter which is solely on African American woman identity in the context of her family and the kind of relationship she has with the kids. Within the book, the author has used gentle humour to show Dee/Wangeroe’s excess of zeal in trying to calm her heritage, and her overlooking of the truth of African American experience. The speaker in this story as presented by the author is a mother of two girls Maggie and Dee. The girls are totally different in terms of their relationship with the mother and how they are behaving within the American environment. Maggie is portrayed to be staying home with her mother and lives in an old-fashioned. Traditional life while Dee has gone to school and is more sophisticated. Surprisingly, Dee comes home branded new name Wangero and a new boyfriend, in her thoughts, she is claiming to take her family heirlooms along as part of claiming her true identity as an African American. She wants the quilts that she is planning to display on the walls as artworks because of their fine handiwork. The quilts on the other hand had been promised for her marriage which the author gives them to her even though Dee finds herself to be entitled to them. In other words, the book brings about the issue of race and urban settlement in another way by portraying Maggie and her mother not to be learned and failing to understand the impact of

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