“Everyday Use” by Alice Walker Essay

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In its simplest form, a child is a product of a man and a woman but Alice Walker one of the foremost authors during the twentieth century, adds depth to her black American women by focusing on the role that race and gender played in their development. Family reunions can be times of great anticipation, excitement and happiness but for Dee, a young, beautiful, African American and our leading character, it was a reunion with underlying, unspoken tensions. Dee was Dee but Dee had changed; a new husband, nice clothes, and a college degree to boat. Maybe that college degree certificate could be farmed and hung on the wall replacing that old photo of George Washington Carver, out with the old and in with the new. Alice Walker is showing…show more content…
He is not willing to “commit to the hard work of the cause and faith he claims to embrace” (SparkNotes). Walker’s story is an evaluation of individuals who get the wrong idea about some of the ideals that black consciousness groups promoted during 1950s. A bit of realism is given in the story by some particular languages, specialized diction, and Mama’s exclusive expressions. Walker gives Mama the right to narrate and control to convey the story and thoughts in their own way. For example, some particular language used by Dee’s mother like butter churning and cheese making adds realism to the story. This makes the audience think that they are a poor farm family. The mother makes the languages her own (SparkNotes). For instance, “she refers to her husband carving benches when the family could not “effort” instead of “afford” to buy chairs, and she describes the milk in the churn as “crabber”. Walker raises comedy as a way of improving the story’s observations, such as in the weak comedy irritated by Mama’s reaction to Dee’s, and Hakim’s difficult to pronounce names. Mama eventually gives up on Hakim-a-barber’s name and secretly addresses him as what she thinks he sounds like: a barber. The history of these quilts is a history of the family. The quilts was most valuable to Mama and Maggie, they do not want to see the quilts as stuff to be hung on the wall and respected as folk art, but as the useful household items. Walker is

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