Everyday Use by Alice Walker

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The cultural movement that takes place during the time period of the story is also shown through two characters, Dee and Hakim. What they both represent is deeper than the common reader realizes. The character development of Hakim and Dee shows them as two young African-Americans who are in touch with their historical roots and background. The way they dress, their personalities and the way they talk, all represent an era and a movement that was taking place in the 1970’s. The cultural differences between Mama, Maggie and Dee are drastic. In the early 1970’s many movements and protests had broken out and to most African Americans it is known as the black power era. During this era it was very common for young men and women to follow in the path of Black Power Activist Malcolm X who was also Muslim. It is clear that Hakim and Dee too have joined the movement and that the author is using Hakim to symbolize the black power era. The introduction of Hakim-A-Barber represents the reason for the change in the character Dee. Without Hakims introduction it would be unclear as to why Dee has changed into the person that she is. It wasn’t until Dee met Hakim that she started to change into the woman both Mama and Maggie can hardly tolerate. They both held Dee high up…

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