Everyman Is A Morality Play

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Everyman is a morality play that was written in the late fifteenth-century, by an unknown author. It is unknown who originally wrote the play. It has been said that maybe Monks and Priests of that time wrote these types of plays. Therefore, it is believed that the play was probably written by multiple people. Morality plays were written to show people how they should act in the eyes of God and how the way they live their lives will affect them after death. Everyman seeks to persuade the audience that the only way to get into heaven when they pass, is to be a good person and to do good deeds for others. The author of Everyman wants the audience to understand that the way they live their lives is how they will be judged by death. The play…show more content…
Everyman has a very clear moral message. People choosing goods over good deeds. Foneska (2007) states that the character of Everyman is a universal representation of the human race and is obsessed with his physical appearance and money. Everyman is a sinner who has turned his back on God. (pg.1) Ryan (1995) says that Everyman sets out to show that charity is the highest of all virtues, and that caring for the sick and poor by the people who have riches was the ticket to salvation and eternal life (1995). Everyman is obsessed with becoming richer and gaining more material things. God has become fed up with mankind and decides to send Death to teach them a lesson:
I perceive, her in my majesty, How that all creatures be to me unkind, Living without dread in worldly prosperity: Of ghostly sight the people be so blind, Drowned in sin, they know me not for their God: In worldly riches is all their mind, They fear not my righteousness, the sharp rod. My law that I showed, when I for them died, They forget clean, and shedding of my blood red; I hanged between two, it cannot be denied; To get them life I suffered to be dead; I healed their feet, with thorns hurt was my head. I could do no more than I did, truly; And now I see the people do clean forsake me: They use the seven deadly” (lines 25-35)
God summons Death and tells him to prepare Everyman for his death.

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