"Everyman" Perception of Death Essay

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Perception of Death and Treatment of death in "Everyman" Thesis Statement Death is perceived in differently in various cultures and tends to impact an individual personally as compared to a group. Outline Introduction and Thesis Statement Discussion 1: Perception of Death in various cultures Discussion 2: How People Treat Death today as an individual Conclusion Author’s Perception “Everyman” is a metaphorical story that illustrates the value of life and death. The famous medieval play of the 20th century elucidates around the lifetime journey, the sins, family, and the day of reckoning. Death is perceived distinctively in various cultures and tends to impact an individual personally as compared to a group. The journey to…show more content…
They don’t want to share their experiences on death and try to shade their young ones from ever discovering about it (Mullin 2008). In Islam, Muslims categorize death as the transitory period of one state to another. The religion elaborates that living in the world is a test in which if they succeed they reap the benefits after death. The religion signifies that death is something that should be accepted as a part of living. This is seen apparent through old age, terminal illness, or even mourning in stages of a Muslim’s life (Aziz 1998, pp. 138-140). Treatment of Death by Individuals Each individual on this world is unique and different in every way. They can be different according to their values, morals, and experiences. Values and morals shape a person on what is right or wrong and how they should react in certain situations. For example, in case of death, some people have complete breakdowns when someone dies while others just feel ‘dead inside’ with no reaction whatsoever. Lisa Firestone states that being aware of death can allow humans to treat life differently. Conscious awareness makes people make better decisions and try to avoid death at an early stage. Every year in the United States of America, there are several people who die in drug abuse and violent attacks. Basic example of 9/11 comes to mind in terms of terrorism which makes people fear death. From that, people learn to be more aware and
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