Everyone Can Associate The Word, “Cancer”, With Someone

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Everyone can associate the word, “cancer”, with someone they know. It may be a mother, uncle, teacher, grandparent, or friend. For example, one of my childhood best friend’s mother died from breast cancer. There is a problem with current medical research because most of the testing is performed on animals. It makes sense to use humans to find a possible cure for any human disease. Each year thousands of people die from cancer or a life-threatening disease because of ineffective medical research, therefore, inmates for life should have the opportunity to participate in medical research testing which could lead to cures for cancer.
First, animal testing has not been proven accurate for converting drugs to human use. According to an article
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To those who aren’t animal lovers, it is understandable that they would not have much of an opinion on this. But, these animals that are being tested are receiving “Cruel and Unusual punishment” and it is not leading to cures for serious illnesses. So, to those who are animal lovers, it can seem very wrong that a dog or cat, which could be part of a family, is being killed for no purpose. Animals have about 95% of the same genes humans do. So, although this sounds really close, it is not close enough to develop effective drugs for human use after testing them on animals. Humans do not have fur and four legs, and no animal can talk, feel, and understand. Find another source for this para.
One of the biggest problems in animal testing is taking the animal testing results and converting these to results that will work on humans. An article from the American Anti-Vivisection Society states that animal testing has never been proven to be successful from the Scientific Literature (Problems With Animal Research). A very interesting point by DB Effler was that in the 1960’s, no one thought smoking was bad for one’s health. The tobacco companies stood by this claim because in animal testing, the rats and mice did not get lung cancer from tobacco (Effler). This is an example of animal testing being inaccurate in the past and is the reason why medical testing should be performed on humans.
A solution to
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