Everyone Go To College

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In their essay “Should Everyone Go to college,” a part of the book They Say I Say, Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill explore the advantages and disadvantages of college and examine the value of college for all individuals. Owen and Sawhills’ purpose is to put an end to the belief that a four-year degree is necessary to be successful. They adopt an informative tone to influence readers to open their minds to a new belief that college is still important but not mandatory for every student. Owen and Sawhill argue that the proposition that college is a requirement to be economically successful has failed to recognize that not everyone is created equally by reminding readers that many factors play into whether college is the right option for someone. The authors introduce the idea that, college will not be an equal opportunity or necessary for everyone, by evaluating the pros and cons or college, using phraseology to convey the adversity of choosing higher education, and utilize a persuasive tone, drawing readers into the message of the essay. Education must be personalized to produce the most success for each individual. In the essay the authors present the contrast of tuition cost rising faster than family incomes to emphasize that students should carefully consider their options for higher education before committing a considerable amount of time and money to a degree that could potentially be worthless (Owen & Sawhill, 2013, p. 212). Owen and Sawhill reveal that choosing
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