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Everyone has bad days. The ones that make you want to curl up in a tiny ball and cry about nothing and absolutely everything until you fall asleep on a pile of blankets in the corner of a pitch black room. The worst part of those days is that you can’t do that. All you can really do is keep your head up and try your best to get through the rest of the day with a smile. Have you ever experienced an awful day that turned better because of one person? It’s crazy how the presence of someone you deeply care about can make your bad day a bit more bearable, even when all you wanted to do five minutes earlier was hide. It was a Friday; Fridays were always the best days because the weekend was right around the corner, but I knew it wasn’t from the moment I woke up – an hour late. My hair was an absolute mess. Not even a braid could fix it! I ran out of the house and the expected happened: I couldn’t find my car keys. After about fifteen minutes of looking for them and being incredibly late for school, I found them hidden on the coffee table behind a picture frame. Inside the frame, my fourth grade school picture sat haunting me. It was a horrible, embarrassing picture of me in my short, badly highlighted hair with an enormous white headband that covered half my head. I didn’t even know why my parents bothered to frame it. I finally got to school almost a half hour late and even though I reminded my mother multiple times to call the office and excuse my tardy, she forgot. My

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