Everyone Has Their Own Purpose And Identity. In Today’S

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Everyone has their own purpose and identity. In today’s fast moving world each person is striving to make an identity of their own. However some identities are given to us at birth, many take it as a blessing and many think of it as a curse. Being a Pakistani Muslim is the greatest gift I have received from God. The world is composed of many different communities having their own unique culture, food, art, attire, language, traditions and customs. Pakistan is a country of 1.8 billion people, and each contributes to the vast culture we have. Having lived all my life in Pakistan I have very strong and close ties with the traditions and customs. Ranging from art and music to sports and food I feel Pakistan is a country, one of its own.…show more content…
Cricket is the most popular sport played and followed in Pakistan. Having a strong history with India, the cricket match between the two countries is a sight of its own. I remember very vividly how during such matches schools would get off early and the entire family would gather at one place to support the country. Even the old aunt you forgot about would make sure she does not miss the match. I would always be looking forward to see such matches, it not only served as healthy competition between the two countries but it brought every national of the country to one ground, times like these show us that we as a nation are each other’s greatest strength and support. It also gave a reason to bring together family and friends. Two years ago when I arrived to America I realized the importance of my home town and country. Even with all our flaws I was always a strong, patriotic Pakistani. But setting foot in America made me realize how many thing we take for granted. Walking down to the bus stop or the subway, I would always keep an eye for anyone dressed in the typical Pakistani Shalwar Kameez. Just to connect and have a small talk about our country. Looking for Pakistani restaurants became a common exercise I practiced whenever I visited another state. The Pakistani cuisine is rare and rich, made from a blend of herbs, spices and mixes from India, Iran and the Middle East. The food of Pakistan is very special and unique from every country around
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