Everyone In The World Has Had Something Or Someone Relatively

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Everyone in the world has had something or someone relatively close to them that has left an everlasting influence. H.G. Wells is no different than the rest of the world. There were many events and people in his adolescent life that inspired him to become a very successful, wealthy writer. More importantly, they inspired him to write his first, most successful novel, The Time Machine. His novel, The Time Machine, was written under the influence of his unique childhood that sparked his interest in literature, his family and social standing that strongly affected the foundation of his work, and from his fascination for science and the ideas of successful scientists. Wells had an interesting upbringing that influenced the highly successful…show more content…
Most of the time, a person gets most inspiration from a person close to them, more specifically a loved one. H.G. Wells was no different. The influence from Wells’s mother and father, as well as his upbringing, is undoubtedly present throughout The Time Machine. He was born in the Victorian era where the common folks barely made enough money to survive, and the upper class flourished with more money than anyone could ever imagine. The Wells family happened to fall into the struggling middle class. His mother was a housekeeper, and his father was a poor businessman. His influence from the continuous class struggle is evident in his novel, especially through his characters. H.G. Wells’s family and social life had a very big impact on his novel The Time Machine. His entire life he struggled with his social class. He portrays much of that struggle into his novel. A reader can sense his struggle when reading The Time Machine because it is clear that Wells mocks the rich, upper class in his work. His feelings towards the future societies are very evident in his main character, the Time Traveler. The Time Traveler was a very smart, intellectual upper class man. In the novel, he predicts two futures for society. Though in the story, the societies are presented as the Time Traveler’s predictions, they are in fact H.G.Wells’s idea of evolution of the social classes. He predicted that the rich would evolve into wonderful, intricate creatures, while the poor would deteriorate

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