Everyone Is Living With Sociopaths, And Is Surrounded By Them

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Kelby Stotz Ms. Amundson English II 13 April 2017 Sociopathy and You Everyone is living with sociopaths, and is surrounded by them. "Sociopathy" is a personality disorder affecting one 's thoughts and actions towards others ("Personality Disorder"), but many sociopaths are hidden from the average citizen (Thomas, 52). Sociopathic behavior originates from social causes, has a large impact on society, and has no cure. People commonly use the term "sociopath" while knowing little about the social roots and environmental causes of this disorder. Many people struggle defining sociopathic and psychopathic behavior. According to psychiatrist Hervey Cleckley, author of the monograph THE MASK OF SANITY, both sociopaths and…show more content…
They have no integrated fear to stop them from doing whatever they want in public, and in the worst case scenario, they become serial killers. Along with the aforementioned social causes, extensive scientific studies have concluded that, environmentally speaking, one of the leading influences of sociopathy is a broken home. Multiple statistics suggest that fatherless, young males are seven times as likely to become sociopathic criminals (Lykken, 37). This implies that two, loving, biological parents will go a long way in raising a healthy, sociopath-free, family. As research has shown, sociopathy is caused in the young by a lack of socialization and an unhealthy environment. Sociopathy victims heavily affect their family, as well as society. Families of those affected by sociopathy will notice uncaring and mistrust towards them from the victim. In one case, diagnosed sociopath M.E. Thomas states her negative opinion towards her family perfectly in a clear manner (Thomas, 53). This shows it may be usual for sociopaths to despise their family. Likewise, sociopaths also affect society in a major way; they are a liability. According to the statistics provided by child psychiatrist Jack Westman, each sociopath will cost about 3 million dollars to society, amounting to a total of 3

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