Everyone Needs A Little H2o

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Everyone Needs a Little H2O Ever since the beginning of time water has been important. Water has been important because it is one of the most abundant substance on Earth. Water is important because every living thing contains water, and every living thing must have water to function. Water is important whether it is e drunk a supper or if it is being used for survival in the desert. Water is important because it is required for man to live, breath and thrive on this planet. In the article, “How Much Water Do We Actually Need,” J. Lunn and R. Foxen state, “Water is an essential requirement for life- without water, humans can only survive for 2 to 3 days at the most”(336). In addition to water being essential for life, it also has many…show more content…
Prehydration 2. Hydration 3. Dehydration 4. Rehydration” (Okanovic et al. 69). These four phases indicate when the athlete should hydrate. Prehydration and hydration are similar because both refer to hydrating before competition. While prehydration refers to hydrating a few days before a competition, hydration refers to hydrating throughout the day of the competition (Okanovic et al. 69-70). Dehydration is the loss of water from the body. While Prehydration and hydration have to do with hydrating prior to competition, rehydration is rehydrating the body after a competition (Okanovic et al. 70). Dehydration is a serious condition and should not be taken lightly While the body not having enough water is a big issue for athletes, too much water can also be a problem. In the article, How Much Water Do We Actually Need, it states, “If an individual consumes too much water, this can lead to water intoxication with potentially life-threatening hyponatraemia (Lunn and Foxen 336-337). While an athlete should be careful on over consuming water, an athlete also needs to consume enough water to last throughout a competition. Laura Purcell in her article, Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes, Laura Purcell states, “Before activity, athletes should consume 400ml to 600ml of cold water 2 h to 3 h before their event” (Purcell). While four hundred to six hundred milliliters may not seem like a lot of water,
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