Everyone Needs to Know about the Rosewood Incident

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Have you ever heard of the incident which occurred at Rosewood, Florida? If you haven’t I really think you should. It’s a case everyone should know about. A white woman by the name Fannie Taylor cheated on her husband. The man who Fannie cheated on her husband with beat her after they got done having sex. She didn’t want her husband to find out about her cheating, so she lied to everyone in town. She said “that a black man raped and robbed her’. An old lady by the name of Sarah Carrier was the house maid of the Taylor household was there the time Mrs. Taylor cheated on her husband. She heard Mrs. Taylor lied about being raped by a black man, but she couldn’t speak up at the time. The white men in town found out about her being raped, and they went crazy. They went around killing every black person that got in their way. Some of the time they didn’t have to get in their way if they didn’t tell them what they wanted to hear. Then person that really beat her got away, nobody tripped off him. They was going around thinking it was this man by the name of Mr. Mann who the white people thought name was Jessie Hunter was the man who raped and robbed Fannie Taylor. We watched a movie based on the incident called ‘Rosewood”. In the movie you really get imagine of what the white people was doing. As, I said the white people didn’t care about anything. They was just killing people left and right for the fact they thought one black man raped one white woman. Truly, I believe that
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