Everyone Should Buy Organic Food.

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PERSUASIVE SPPECH PREPARATION OUTLINE Title: | Everyone should buy organic food | General purpose: | To persuade | Specific purpose: | To persuade my audience to buy organic food | Central idea: | Organic food is the best food for consumers instead of conventional food | Organizational pattern: | Problem, problem, problem | I. INTRODUCTION | A. Open with impact/ Attention getter: | Let’s imagine. One day you are in a supermarket and you decided to buy vegetables. Well, they are all looking the same but they are actually different. You saw the usual vegetables and the organic vegetables. The question is which one do you prefer? Usual vegetables or organic? However, the stigma is that, whenever you saw the price of…show more content…
That is the problem that we faced currently that is the total of harmful substances obtain from conventional food. But do you ever know what organic food is? | | Organic food is derived from crops or animals produced in a farming system that avoid the use of man-made fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators and additives. | | Organic food is differing from conventional food in many ways. Organic food use manure and composting to enriched the soils. Also, the uses of pesticides or herbicides are forbidden. In order to preserve the soil, organic farmer’s use crop rotation, hand weeds and mulches. More than that, they do not inject any hormones to their animals, but to let their animals live naturally by letting them roaming around. All this reasons why organic is much more expensive than conventional food. This is because, farmers need to spend a lot of expenditures in buying compost, transportation fees, and also labor force. | | Next, you need to know why organic food is more nutritious than conventional food. | B. Main point 2: i. Supporting details 1: ii. Supporting details 2:Transition to main point 3: | Everyone knows that both petrol and diesesl are used as fuels for cars. But if it is concerns with your car performance, which one do you prefer the best? Petrol or diesel? Of course you will choose petrol instead of diesel though it is much expensive. Why? It is because it is good for your car performance. | | This is the same as organic food.

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