Everyone Should Go Back To College

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Everyone has busy lives especially those that daily, are juggling more than one task. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the life of a college professional, or someone who attends a job while going to college. Many struggle going to long work weeks to be able to afford their bills while they also going to school for hope of a better future. This is something relatable to a great deal of young Americans, and something that is becoming more common place in our older generations that later in life are choosing to advance their education. Between the exams, essays, late nights and long days how does one have time to forgo all these proceedings while simultaneously maintaining a social life? As impossible as it may sound it is achievable with the right tools, mindset and dedication. I am personally a part time student that normally attends three classes a semester and work a full-time job at an Amazon Fulfillment center that sometimes…show more content…
People should look to their peers, family, professors and advisors for the tools to be able to surmount such a task. There are many options available for those who wish to go back to school or those students who need some extra cash. It is very important to use the resources that are provided and to take every opportunity to be able to better ourselves. If we look to the past to see how others have achieved their goals, we can learn to be able to accomplish such affairs ourselves. With a little hard work a seemingly impossible task starts to become realistic with the outlook of a better future. I consider going to school is important but shouldn’t come with the sacrifices of always being broke or never moving out. I would want to wish everyone the best of luck and to know that it is entirely possible to be a successful student professional with
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