Everyone in the world will come to a point in their life that they are approaching death. Some

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Everyone in the world will come to a point in their life that they are approaching death. Some people never see death coming. Every day people are involved in car accidents and never would have thought they wouldn’t make it through the day. However, as people approach old age they start to realize when their bodies are not what they used to be. As people approach the end of their lives different tasks and decisions need to be addressed with their loved ones and family members. Some decisions that have to be made could involve subjects of spiritual, legal, medical, or ethical nature. Some examples include, one wanting to have a priest present in the final days of their lives, or writing out advance directives such as a will. One could also…show more content…
The patient must develop advance directives to minimize complications or misunderstandings about their choices for end of life procedures. Encouraging patients to actively participate in their end of life plans gives them the chance to maintain some control over their life. Patients must also develop a living will that will inform health care professionals who is responsible if the patient is no longer able to speak for his or herself. The patient must decide where they want to be when they die, if they want to be in a hospital, or arrange for someone to come to their home for daily care. Being at home could be a benefit to someone near to death because at least they will be at ease knowing they are in a place they feel safe. At the end stages of life people are put on hospice. Being in a hospital is good too because there will always be someone to help. However, hospitals really aren’t designed for the kind of comfort end of life requires. Nursing homes and long-term health facilities have special rooms designed for people on hospice. According to Taylor (2011), Hospice care is often provided at home for people with a limited life expectancy (Taylor, Lillis, LeMone, & Lynn, 2011, p. 1550). Hospice care providers are more concentrated on making the patient comfortable rather than trying to improve their health. Their job is to accommodate their patients’ needs to maintain a peaceful path to death. Palliative care plays an important
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