`` Everything But The Coffee ``

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Bryant Simon’s novel, Everything but the Coffee, sought to expose the exploitations of the famous coffee company, Starbucks, by unveiling the corporation true 's intention on selling its over-priced coffee laced with disguises of false lies and advertisement. In the selected passage, Simon describes Starbucks as a typical corporate business, and that the company advertises to sell its product through false claims. Ethical consumption means that the consumers “use their buying power to affect political outcomes or raise political consciousness” (203). In other words, consumers use money to buy products from companies to spread awareness, or provide a solution to it. Simon states that Starbucks changes its image and portrays itself as the…show more content…
In chapter seven, it was stated that the coffee shop company do not completely buy from the small-time farmers. In case regarding towards Rwanda, a developing area where Starbucks supposedly performs fair trade, it was discovered that Starbucks buy their coffee beans from bigger plantations and the middle man, who buys coffee beans from small-time farmers usually scamming them (216). This creation of image of Starbucks being a good corporate business in helping the small time farmers earn more income is contracted by Simon’s findings, and shows that the coffee company is actually taking advantage of the small time farmers, when Starbucks buys from the middle man or the big plantation owners, it pay less for the coffee beans than they do if Starbucks purchases beans from small-time farmers. The greed of Starbucks at the expense of the individual farmers is unethical, yet the coffee shop company markets the contradiction.
In the beginning of the chapter, Simon discusses on the issue of Starbucks and its profits on stories that the company sells on how they help the farmers in third world countries like Nicaragua. Simon traveled to Nicaragua and met Santiago Rivera. Rivera’s cultivation of coffee beans was his life profession, “for much of his life, he lugged hundred-pound burlap sacks of green coffee…sold his crop…to a this point, Rivera got doubly cheated…buyer might swindle him on the weight
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