Everything I Never Told You

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I read the book Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng. This story is about how a family is torn apart due to the death of their oldest daughter, Lydia. Making the family realize what it takes to forgive, forget, and move on. In this journal, I will be questioning and evaluating. G- The narrator tells the reader very bluntly that Lydia is undoubtedly the favorite child of Marilyn and James Lee, but why? Y- Lydia is the favorite of Marilyn because she sees all of the opportunities she missed and many times Marilyn forces what she wishes she would have done onto Lydia. R- As a child Marilyn is disgusted by the idea of being someone’s trophy wife who works all day to ensure her husband comes home to a hot meal (like her mother). R- One summer when Lydia and Nath are very young her mother realizes that she is not living the life she had wanted to when she was younger and runs away to Toledo to finish her college. R- Lydia keeps her promise of never saying no again and her mother mistakes this as a sign that her daughter will be able to accomplish all the aspirations Marilyn never could and truly loves science and the idea of becoming a doctor. Y- Lydia is the favorite of James because he sees her as a way to correct his childhood and not allow her to feel the way he felt as a child. R- As a child, James’ father comes into the country illegally from China and marries another Oriental woman. R- Because his father works at the school James gets to go there for an
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