`` Everything That Rises Must Converge ' By O ' Connor

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Many people realize sometime in their lives that generations have very different ways of expressing themselves. Rudimentary ideas get passed down throughout generations, but the ways in which people interact change due to the different to social differences. In today’s world people go about their day using smartphones to text and call people. This was something that previous generations were not able to do, thus creating a change in the ways that people express themselves to others. This idea is exactly what Flannery O 'Connor was writing about throughout “Everything that Rises Must Converge”. O’Connor uses the theme of racism to emphasise the similarities and differences between Julian and his mother’s generations, but how they still are mentally very similar. Julian and his mother have very similar personalities even though they think that they are the exact opposite. Julian’s mother thinks a lot about the way that people view her. She cares about the appearance that she gives off so everyone can see how rich or great she is. She shows this off in one way by the house that she lives in “Since this had been a fashionable neighborhood forty years ago, his mother persisted in thinking they did well to have an apartment in it” (O’Connor 273). This explains that even though it was a nice neighborhood many years ago that Julian’s mother still wants to live there. Her mind is stuck in a world that she no longer lives in. Julian has a very similar situation that happens with
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