Everything That Rises Must Converge

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Rising from Racism to Converge in Equality

Generations of people always grow up learning different beliefs from their parents, who usually still hold on to old fashioned beliefs and ideas. “Everything That Rises Must Converge”, by Flannery O’ Connor, is considered a humorous but enthralling tale of a college graduate named Julian who lives with his prejudiced mother. The story takes place a couple years after segregation ended in the South, and African Americans and Caucasians can share public transit. Throughout the story, O’Connor impresses the reader with her consequent message that people often resist growing away from bigotry towards self-awareness and love for all humankind, which is necessary for life to converge in equality.
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However, it is not until a black woman with a four-year-old son steps on the bus that Julian feels he has the opportune moment to irk his mother -- the black woman is wearing the same hat as she. When Julian’s mother bought the hat, the storeowner told her that she would not find herself “coming and going”-- meaning she would not see anyone else with that particular hat. The irony in all this is that not only was there someone else with the hat, but it was a black woman. O’ Connor not only brings conflict in this but also introduces humor into the story. Julian laughed at the sight of the hats. “He could not believe that fate had thrust upon his mother such a lesson” (443). While on the bus, the black boy caught his mother’s attention. Julian’s mother thought black children were overall cuter than little white children, and so when they got to their stop, Julian got the idea that his mother would insist on giving the little boy a penny. Since the large black woman had gotten off on the same stop as they did, Julian was certain she would attempt to do so. Julian’s mother, who rose from discrimination towards self-awareness and love for all humankind towards the end of the story, moved away from racism all because of the interaction between her and that little boy. Julian warned her not to, and when she did, to our surprise, the black woman swung her purse across his mother’s face. “You got exactly what you
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