`` Everything That Rises Must Converge ' : Racial Prejudice And The Struggles Of Integrating Other Races

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The short story “Everything That Rises Must Converge” is about racial prejudice and the struggles of integrating other races. In this critical essay I will be analyzing the characters Julian and his mother, as well as many different views that are shown in the story and the use of racism. I think it is important to analyze the characters due to the fact that the whole story is based off of them. O’Connor focuses on the middle class white Americans in the south about many of their perceptions of other races and views. In “Everything That Rises Must Converge” I would like to analyze Julian. I think it is important to analyze him and the reason why he thought what he thought. Julian was raised to have a narrow mindset, which was…show more content…
The second character I would like to analyze is Julian’s mother. Julian’s mother’s attitude comes from her dated perceptions of African Americans and racial equality. Due to the way she was raised she has very obvious views of racial division when she was talking about slaves with Julian stating, “ your great-grandfather had a plantation of two hundred slaves”(4). Even though she thinks so strongly of racial segregation, she tries to adhere to the social norms. She functions as “the model of southern roots”(2), with the racist attitudes with a strong sense of social etiquette. This is the best way to analyze Julian’s mother after reading the story. Julian loves to pride himself with being more social accepting of African Americans than the average white person in this time period. Julian’s mother thinks it is foolish however, due to the fact that she believes that “culture comes from the heart”. I would like to analyze the irony in the fact that Julian thinks that he is superior to his mother because of his acceptance of African Americans. This is shown in many ways through his actions that happen on the bus every time he take his mother to the “Y” and when there is a African American onboard. The first time that Julian’s mother shows this is when she stated, “I see we have the bus to ourselves”(4). She clearly meant that since there were no back people on the bus that it was only white people. However when I was
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