Everything You Eve Wanted to Know About The Netherlands Essay

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Introduction 3
The country of Netherlands is lowland and a lot of it is water. The size of Netherlands is 41,526 square kilometers. The highest point there is Vaalserberg and is 321 meters (Amsterdam guide, 2003). Sea storms and floods are natural disasters there but there are now dikes to control them better. The climate in Netherlands is mild (Amsterdam guide, 2003).
Netherlands wanted independence in 1581 but didn’t get it until 1648 (Amsterdam guide, 2003). They lost it then in 1794 by the Austrian Throne of Habsburg (Amsterdam guide, 2003). In 1830, Luxembourg united with Netherlands but separated in 1890 (Amsterdam guide, 2003). The Germans invaded Netherlands in 1940 and the people suffered (Amsterdam guide,
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They began being a constitutional monarchy in 1815 and a parliamentary democracy in 1848 (Amsterdam guide, 2003). In Netherlands, the parliament is made up of the Eerste Kamer, the first chamber and Tweede Kamer, the second chamber. The first chamber has 75 members and the second chamber has 150 members (Amsterdam guide, 2003).
The king of Netherlands currently is King Willem-Alexander van Oranje-Nassau. He’s the head of the state. The head of state can be a king and he chooses who can be a mayor or a politician and signs laws. The king also gives a job to either the prime minister or a politician to form the government. That person must be from the party that won in the elections. The Prime Minister right now is Mark Rutte who’s is the head of the government (Amsterdam guide, 2003).

Customs/Culture 5
The language spoken in Netherlands is Dutch (Amsterdam guide, 2003).
Holidays in Netherlands are Queen’s Day, Sinterklaas, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday/Monday, National Remembrance Day, Liberation Day, Ascension, and Whitsun (Expatica communications BV, 2012). On Queen’s Day people wear orange because that is the color of the royal family. Queen’s Day is very important in Netherlands and is celebrated on April 30th (Polete, 2013). Festivals in Netherlands include Dauwpop, Pinkpop, Best Kept Secret,
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