Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Candles

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Many candles have been used for hundreds and thousands of years and ever since the 1900’s it has been the only source of light. Present, not many people use candles for their main light source. Some reasons why some people use candles is for decorations, religious ceremonies, and to celebrate other people's birthdays. In past years most candles were made from tallow. Tallow came from cows and sheep, in the earlier times of the Egyptians and the Roman’s. These early candles didn’t burn well and normally smelled worse. The Roman Empire was the first to provide evidence of a candle that resembles the candle today. They melted the tallow until it was a liquid and poured it over fibers of flax, hemp, and cotton, which were used as a wick. These candles were used in religious ceremonies as well as lighting for their travels and houses.
In the earlier ages beeswax was used to make candles. These beeswax candles were made much like the Romans made the candles out of tallow. Beeswax was a drastic improvement from the tallow, but limited quantities were available. This made it expensive, limiting beeswax candles to clergy and the upper class. Today, candles are mostly made from materials such as wax, paraffin wax, beeswax or soy among other products. Some candles are also made from plant waxes or tallow while others are made from a mixture of paraffin and plastic. Most people would say that the size, shape or color would be the most important part of a candle, but most
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