Everything You Speak Is So Cryptic-Like A Riddle

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The way Sophocles revisits Oedipus’s past experience with the Sphinx creates mystery and tension about Oedipus’s future because the Sphinx had a riddle that only Oedipus could solve. Oedipus thinks he can do anything and appears very independent because of his success with the riddle and shows it during his argument with Teiresias. However, Teiresias uses Oedipus’s experience with the Sphinx against him when Oedipus says “Everything you speak is so cryptic-like a riddle.” and counteracts with “Well, in solving riddles, are you not the best there is?” When Teiresias says this, he is implying that Oedipus is not as mighty as he believes himself to be, and overall insinuates that Oedipus’s view of himself will cause him to be cursed by his own
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