Everything we need is in our daily life is based on demand and supply. The country is based on the

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Everything we need is in our daily life is based on demand and supply. The country is based on the effects of both demand and supply. Whenever demand is affected it lead to shortage of various needs that are in demand and whenever supply is affected it leads to shortage of supply in the country’s economy. Moreover the things we need in our daily life is also affected on both demand and supply. Demand leads to the total quantity on goods or services that are needed to buy various commodities and supply is the quantity of goods and services business will make available to make profits. Thus in our daily life everything is based on the demand and supply from a small commodity to a large corporations. Moreover the company’s shares or bonds are…show more content…
Moreover the university known as fraser valley had the highest prices so far in any of the market by any other country. And the next and the most expensive farmland was recorded by the Bradford which is locate in Ontario and where the value of land was increased by 25 percent. This also stated that the demand is affected by the operations of farmland which also further expanded. Now a days, increase in the demand of the farmland led to increase in the number of buyers for various lands which also affected the price in the economy. As after increase in prices of farmland there was a huge increase in rate of the agricultural commodities. Thus sometimes demand exceeds supply and sometimes supply exceeds demand. When demand exceeds is known as quantity demanded and when supply increased is knows and quantity supplied. Both demand and supply are effected on basic reasons as each and every other country’s economic transactions and various type of goods and services are affected by the forces of demand and supply. Sometimes the economy lowers or equals the demand and supply and this will lead to equilibrium in the economy where the demand is equal to supply so the price of farmland will be in control in form of every other country. Mostly demand in the economy is increased by both demand of the products and related to all
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